Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The best tours for your beloved toy friends!

Welcome, dear friends!

Are you a modern businessman/lady? Active, smart and goal-seeking? You work hard, it is appreciated and your career is on the rise? No time for a break though..

Are you a romantic and brave dreamer reading books about adventures and charming countries? Yeah, but school, parents.. sure, traveling is for adults with their freedom and possibilities.

"Hmm" - You might say - "When to travel when i have my family, kids and pets! Who will take care of them? The house? the garden? No, I can't leave it all now.."

We have the best idea for You!! Sure you have your favorite toy: Teddy Bear, Fluffy Bunny, cute Dog.. Let it travel for you, see the sights, eat traditional food, meet people and other toys and bring you back memories, pictures, souvenirs and a happy smile!

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