Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What is ToyHop?

Just imagine: now you can travel even when you’re at school or work! Every day you get new photos on facebook from the cool destinations, stories on email, telling you and everyone what a great fun your lovely Toy has traveling! Get a postcard from Moscow, a honeycake from Tula, photos with the bridges of Saint-Petersburg, new friends from all over the world, souvenirs and much-much more! It will brighten your days up and demonstrate your creativity and ingenuity!
We want to full your toy friend’s life with meaning and give you an opportunity to travel easier and cheaper! No visas, no risks, saving up for a vacation once a year! Just fun, care, love, smiles, new sights, toys and people! We appreciate your trust and the trust of your darling, therefore our goal is to provide the highest quality care. We will take great care of your “little tourist”, paying attention to all their needs – from the moment of the arrival to Russia until the moment of its return back into your arms.

Make your Toy and yourself unique!

Have fun – you deserve it!

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